HSE Policy


Its RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to provide a safe and healthy environment and to ensure that no harm befalls its personnel’s, contractors, customers, visitors and review this is achieved by the provision and maintenance of sound procedures, the use of appropriate tools and equipment’s maintaining a high standard of personnel training and supervision.

RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC is committed to remain up to date with current professional expertise on HSSE practices and will ensure that personnel are adequately trained to meet these responsibilities. Professional external assistance will be obtained where necessary.

RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC will take all reasonable steps within its power to comply with or exceed relevant legislation and regulations, and in particular to meet the requirement of UAE Law on Labor Protection.

RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC recognizes its duties do not only covers its own personnel or subcontractors, but also to others in operational areas. It is therefore company policy to ensure as far as its reasonable practicable that the Health and Safety of such person is not put at further risk by RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC operations.

Al members of staff will be expected to familiarize themselves with RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC health and safety policies and procedures and to implement them as an important element of their duties and responsibilities.

The Project Manager commit to continue improvement of Health and Safety performances and to afford Health and Safety matters equal status and priority as any other business activity All RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC operations are covered by Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’S). These incorporate sections of Health and Safety and should be read in conjunction with these policies and procedures.


RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC is fully committed to minimize in not eliminate the effect of its over-all operations in the fabrication and installation of steel products to the environment. It is the company policy aim to enhance and continually improve its environmental protection performance through effective implementation of Environmental management system (EMS).

RAK Fabrication & Engineering LLC wants to promote the idea that is feasible to maintain an environmentally friendly workplace. We will consciously rethink our process reduce and recycle our wastes reuse or purchase recycled materials We will evaluate our practices and share our experiences in the hopes of inspiring others to “WORK GREEN” despite of our business nature.

To maintain this commitment we shall;

  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to our business
  • Minimum waste by evaluating operations and ensuring that they are sufficient as possible
  • Prevent pollution
  • Impart this policy and the environmental protection performance to our customers, government departments and the public.
  • Enhance awareness and develops skills of our employees to ensure involvement and commitment to further develop the company’s environmental performances.